How to Add php version 5.4 to cyberpanel on ubuntu 20.04


Please how i can add php version 5.4 to cyberpanel on ubuntu 20.04.

anyone can help me please.

Thank you in advance

Ubuntu doesnt support php5 lately because of some major changes done to the OS development.

Currently Centos7, 8 and Almalinux supports it. You can try these OS for php5 support.

Best solution is to port applications to use PHP7, but maybe there is a solution for your question:

But I did not know if this can work. Never tried it. So my hints:

  1. Install PHP5.6. under your Ubuntu 20.04 like described here:
  1. Compile you PHP Version to use with LiteSpeed webserver:

Don´t know if this works. Try it on your own risk. And maybe it doesn´t work with cyberpanel without do some “tricks”

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