How to add Application Installers to CyberPanel

Is it possible to add 1 click application installers to Cyber Panel and where can these be found?

I don’t know if folks here know about Yunohost, but I’m looking for similar functionality to be able to install and manage Mastodon and other federated servers from a single server management system.

I enjoy the enterprise features among other tight integration with litespeed, the attention to security, overall the system is much faster albeit lacking in the ability to install and manage various different kinds of software easily. I can’t even find anything on the process of how to add application installers using Joomla as the example because it was an option at one point but isn’t in a standard enterprise installation now at least.

And/or does the enterprise version of LightSpeed restrict the ability to add application installers and/or plugins?

Are there any 3rd party plugins or development being done outside of the enterprise add ons? or is the plugin system entirely on the commercial side of the software?

I would think I could find some plugins/scripts to add application installers to cyberpanel such as Mastodon, Writefreely, Castopod, etcetera.

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You can log into https://SERVER_URL:8090/websites/MYDOMAIN.COM and scroll all the way down to install any of the software you see below:

If you want Mastodon, Writefreely, Castopod to be added to the installer feature add a feature request topic on the forum.