How to access domain with www

Hello, I installed Cyber Panel yesterday with OpenLiteSpeed on a VPS at Dynu. I created a WordPress site with a Let’s Encrypt cert. I can access the website at but I cannot reach https://www.example com.

How do I enable reaching the site with the FQDN? Do I have to create a www subdomain to enable using www in the URL?


Add a dns A type record with www and same ip4 adress

Thanks for your reply @ajayreddy01. I figured out creating the record at Google Domains and then ran into a new problem of the certificate being issued only for the base name but not for the www.

Normally when I created a virtual host on may Apache2 server and submit a Let’s Encrypt certificate request, the script searches for the vhosts and prompts you to select the sites to create the certs for. With this setup, (1) I seem to have no control over which site to request the SSL cert for and (2) I see no option or do not grasp how to tell this system that the domain has an alias.

How do I submit a request in CyberPanel for a Let’s Encrypt certificate for and