How to access cyberpanel website files and import/export db dumps using ssh

hey my friend
Please how i reache to my website files with ssh in cyberpanel (ssh) my os is ubuntu when i login to my server and run command (ls)

i need soluation to run commands :
compress folder with ssh
extract folder with ss
import databse via ssh
export databse via ssh


Welcome @gaber Happy you are here


$ cd /home/
## compress folder with ssh
$ apt install zip
$ zip -r wp-content
## extract folder with ss
$ unzip
## import databse via ssh
$ mysql -u username -p domain_db1 < /home/


$ mysql -u root
mysql> use domain_db1
mysql> source /home/;

## export database via ssh
$ mysqldump -u root -p domain_db1 > websitedump.sql
## export multiple databases
$ mysqldump -u root -p ---databases domain_db1 domain_db2 domain_db3 > fullwebsitedump.sql

Change to your specific domain

Some of these questions are cyberpanel unrelated however I answerd them. I encourage you to check StackOverflow or go to MariaDB documentation to learn more.

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thanks josephgodwinke

works with me i can now reache my website files
please how can i reache mysql databse to imort or export large databse with ssh