How setup one website in 2 different server

So as you know in cloudflare you can can set 2 different server for a domain or subdomain
I wonder how can i run 1 website on 2 different server
Is there a way to Synchronize files and database of two servers ?
Or i shall just give up and use 1 server

What is your reason for wanting to do this?

Yes, it’s very possible. Usually for load balancing on sites with huge amounts of traffic, or as a failover system if is something that absolutely can’t be down ever.

If you don’t fit either of those use cases then it’s probably a lot of work and complexity for no benefits at all.

Great then how i can sync those 2 servers ?

Do you want basically a cluster or load balancer?

just get cloud VPS if you want to have 2 server with same function

or you can sync

but it will not 100% realtime

i think 1 aws will worthed than 2 different location vps