How set more power for 1 site?

I have 8 VPS with random OS from random companies. 5 webhosting panels tried in many years (I don´t say names, but one of this is Chinese and working good).
Only on 2 servers where is CyberPanel the power is low-medium, its there any limit what can I lift to more? All VPS have 4 core and SSD with 8GB ram.

Always stop the deleting because is slow:

When migrate to other VPS with another panel, delete all without problems…

Example 2:
Updating 2pc xml feeds, instant die:

All settings is same: PHP 7.4, 768MB memory, 350 sec timeout, etc. etc. I can´t find the problem :confused:

@ josephgodwinke
Nobody nothing in this forum?

I finally have the solution! :slight_smile: I installed a free Chinese panel and:

Working like clock, like hell… Not stop after 5-25 deleted products, MAKE ALL WHAT I WANT. Cyberpanel have very low power vs other panels and the forum is dead :frowning:
All 2 panel have installed OpenLiteSpeed.