How many people here are using OLS with cyberpanel in production environment


I would like to know if anyone here is successfully using OLS with CyberPanel to host & manage their website with complete functionality.

I have tried to setup CyberPanel with Ubuntu 18.04 on VPS & Baremetal servers it didn’t worked properly.

Then I finally installed CyberPanel with Centos 7.6 it installed but facing issues with mail sending & receiving.

Also errors related to Open DKIM as informed by CyberPanel team.

So if anyone on the forum using OLS with cyberpanel for more than a year kindly share your experience with best practices to keep websites running & CyberPanel updated.

Thanks & Best Regards.

I am using CyberPanel in a production environment on CentOS 7, I have face some issues, but not a big deal, right now I am having one with the cron jobs but I think this guy have made a great job with this panel.

This panel represent to me a low cost bill for my vps and my sites. My recommendation is to use the CentOS version cause must of the bugs have been solved.

Hi magnovasquez,

Thanks for sharing your experience, can you let me know how many websites are you managing & what is recommended server specs like RAM, SSD storage & VPS provider.

I am planning move 4-5 WordPress sites each getting 2000-3000 visitors daily.

Currently they are hosted with DigitalOcean using Runcloud panel.