How I can change OLS 7080 port

Any tutorial how I can change OLS 7080 port?. Now there is easy way to change CB 8090, that’s wont make security much better if OLS is still default port.

Is it technically possible make Cyberpanel section where change CB port same place change port for OLS?

I not advise you change port as many things need to take care about
anyway it’s in this path usr/local/lsws/admin/conf/admin_config.conf
also you can find port in the interface in server configuration or webadmin not exactly sure put it’s exist there

about security you can configure CSF and protect it


It is not advisable to change OLS port number due to various technical aspects. You can anyways protect your server using SSH Key login only and disable password login to server. SSH keys are safest.

it’s just make issue with imunify login so he can protect by firewall and his ip or any other strategy or you have anther solution to login imunify using key ?

what is the issue with immunify login?

it need sudo privilege user so if use key he can’t login it until make user with password … open loop