How do I troubleshoot 403 errors from API?

I have an API connection of a sales and inventory management program that connects to 3 sites, all of them with woocommerce on different hosting and control panel.
Only the one I have on cyberpanel is generating random 403 errors on some API calls.

I get for example the following detail in the API output register:

Stock to WooCommerce | 8436553292487.
Started: 2023-05-13 21:50:58 - Status: Completed.
Execution time ≈ 1s

Stock to WooCommerce | 843655329252424
Started: 2023-05-13 21:50:56 - Status: Completed
Run time ≈ 1s

Stock to WooCommerce | DH151-1
Started: 2023-05-13 21:50:13 - Status: Failed
Status: 403 | Exception has occurred: No error
Stock to WooCommerce | DH149-K

Started: 2023-05-13 21:50:12 - Status: Error
Status: 403 | An exception has occurred: No Error

OS: Ubuntu 22.04

Current Version: 2.3

Current Commit: 5a7eb5133d02bf9ac9c5d1a31ede8ab3f21dd409

Latest Version: 2.3

Latest Build: 4

Latest Commit: 5a7eb5133d02bf9ac9c5d1a31ede8ab3f21dd409

How can I identify what is causing the error? I’ve looked at the logs, but can’t find any more detail to give me any clues as to what might be going on?

thank you very much for your help,

Hello @ipoblete

Have you tried to fix file permissions and try again ?

yes, I did it but the problem persists,
Best regards,