How do I install PHP 5.6 in CyberPanel 2.1.2?

Can anyone please help me with how to get older PHP versions into Cyberpanel 2.1.2? Regards, Ben

Ubuntu 20.4 doesnt have PHP 5 in it.

Which OS you are using in your server?

I think Ubuntu, doesn’t know much about the OS. I took the VPS server from Contabo and installed the latest version of cyberpanel.

connect to your server using SSH and then execute this command to see the server details:

sudo hostnamectl

Please wait I am checking

ubuntu 18.04

Please anyone help

It seems even ubuntu 18 has removed support for PHP5
Many popular web apps have removed support for PHP5.

Why not upgrade to PHP7 or PHP8?

PHP5 has security issues too.

If you still need PHP5, then go with Centos7 or Centos8

If I move to a Centos7 or Centos8 server, can I also get all my same backups with PHP 5.6 in Cyberpanel?

Probably it should without any issues.

@frankben on ubuntu LiteSpeed only support PHP from 7.2 and in the Centos you can use from PHP 53 to on ward
use this command to see packages
yum list available

I am new to this all. Can anyone tell me how I can change the server from Ubuntu to Centos? But I need all websites on the same server with everything. How is it possible?

can you please help me?

Please tell me how can I do this.

You will need to create new vps server with centos8 and then install cyberpanel fresh

Then take backup of your websites and then restore it on the new server. If you are not technically sound for this, you can hire someone to do this.

You’re recommending cento8 or cento7. What about AlmaLinux instead

Is there no way to get PHP5.6 into Ubuntu. Must we migrate to cento? I’m also on Ubuntu and I have the same issue. @die2mrw007

on ubuntu you can use below hen 7.2

How can I install that in ubuntu

You cannot in ubuntu… Its discontinued in ubuntu 18 and ubuntu 20

Try almalinux, centos7, centos8