How do I check CP version?

I’m having great difficulty tracking down this answer. I thought typing

cyberpanel -v would return the version number. Then I tried cyberpanel -version as well as --version with no success.

I’m running Ubuntu and can’t find the simple version check command for the life of me.

Started having SSL failures, and updating SSL failed as well. Updated the ACME client and still didn’t work. I then see in the forums people mentioning upgrading CP … I used the command line method as I always have and the install stalled.

Then I see reference ti using the cloud method for upgrading except now I have no way of knowing what version of CP I have and can’t find the command reference … I’m going NUTS over here, someone please point me where I have miss-stepped. Thank you

Cloud install is only available if you are on the very latest version, and you have access to the web GUI(I don’t see any references in the documentation for setting up cloud via cli).

You probably need to run the cli install command again.

Before you do maybe check here: /var/log/installLogs.txt

To see if you can debug the reason for the hang before trying to reinstall.

I am not sure if it’s help you but if your problem is “Seeing cp version from command line” you can do this steps,

sudo apt install python3 python3-requests

sudo apt-get install lynx

lynx http://yourhostingip:8090/

and say “Y” for every ask. So you can view that site and cp version in command line.