HOW DNS-->Cloudflare + Cyberpanel works actually?

How is Cloudflare sync option works ?
does it only put Cyberpanel DNS to CF account
or get DNS structure from CF to Cyberpanel

or works in two way ? (sync both)

It syncs both but delete operations wont work in cloudflare. Any entries you need to delete, you have to do that manually by logging into cloudflare.

let me make it clear…

  1. add/edit sync two ways
  2. delete record at CF will not sync to CP
  3. delete record at CP will not sync to CF

is that correct ?

I actually dont use the Cloudflare API sync function in Cyberpanel for any of my servers as I prefer it seperately handled as DNS settings are things which one doesnt edit often.

Long back when I used this function, everything works 2 way except for entries deleted from cyberpanel will not be getting deleted from cloudflare. It has to be deleted manually.

I dont know how it is currently with the latest cyberpanel.

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same with me…
i was use it but now … need to thinking twice

thankyou for your explaination

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