HOW can i send auto REFRESH to browsers

Hi all, hope you all doing good, so i have a project that im working on, is base on wordpress,
so the idea is that after me or my customer makes a change on a web page the server should send a refresh to the page that is always will be displaying, i already try a plugin that refreshes every designed amount of minutes, but i think thats not the optimum solution, because it will be refreshing the page every 2 minutes for exaple or every 5 or every hour, that optimum solution im looking for is that when a customer makes a change on the page in wordpress backend, as soon it saves it the change can be made on the page in the front end to the visitors of the page this pages are3 going to be displaying information but sometimes customers want to change for example the price and i want that to be change, is it posible and can some one help me out, thank you