How can i rotate mailserver ip when i have more than 1 ips in server?

Is there any way to rotate mailserver ip while sending emails? I want it so urgently…

Since CyberPanel use postfix, here are some quick results I found through google

Let us know if you are able to achieve your desired results.

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Actually these are not so useful… can you kindly explain me how it will exactly work? i can do in exim mailserver but no idea about postfix…

Can you explain like what was not useful? what you tried and didnt work? I’ve personally not attempted to do this so can not comment much.

It shows random error from postfix… i have used this code from a random post in exim and it works fine… rotate ips exim -

but didn’t get any proper solution for postfix… all too outdated and not that clear to understand…

As you can see here IP rotation with postfix mail server

Solution for postfix is not the same as exim, exim configurations wont work on postfix.

What error do you get when you follow one of the guides I mentioned above?