How can i preview and edit a wordpress website using cyberpanel with no domain (*****FIXED****)

**HELLO before you read this problem I was having i want to apologize to everyone, the problems that i described below it was my fault.
when i modified the HOSTS FILE i typed the incorrectly that’s why i was having the problem but did not realize it. till now. if you like to read want problem I was having please do.
im sure it will help someone.

******I FIXED MY PROBLEM *******************

*******BEFORE FIXING MY SPELL ON THE DOMAINNAME (read it only if you want to know what mistake i was making)

Hello everyone, I have a problem, this is the scenario.
I have a customer that has a website and hosting with another company.
he wants me to host and redesign the website for him but without downtime.
I know I can edit and design the WordPress website on my local machine and then upload it into cyber panel and so on. But before I started using cyber panel I was using CPanel .
so what I want to do like I just to do before is. install WordPress using cyber panel
I created a website in cyberpanel already and the directory of the folder was created, so far everything is good, if i visit the it show me. the website that is currently online but it does not show me the ine i just created on my cyberpanel, so to solve this problem i modified the HOSTS FILE in windows
i open the file with visual studio code and i add the IP of my cyberpanel server plus and on the same line and then save the changes. so now i can see what i created in cyberpanel. and not the current website and that what i want. so far everything is working great.

then i select the website a created in cyberpanel and click on manage, and then click install WP+LSCACHE and cyberpanel does its magic, and after it finishes i visit the page again and it suppost to show me the wordpress website but instead it shows me this

where the red is that tha name of
how can i make it work, is someone can help me out or is it a bug in cyberpanel.
because a checked all the files get created inside the public_html in its domain folder, and also checked the database and it gets created with no problem.
and the crazy thing is that when i press preview the domain from cyberpanel it opens the wordpress website

but it shows it on the url like this https://ip.ip.ip.ip:8090/preview/
and when i include wp-admin after the / it takes me to wordpress login page

but when i enter credentials doesnot work

an already try to change the password from database and try again still not working im sure im skeeping a step on the editing the host file or somewhere in cyberpanel please need some help

use WP migration all in one
download from old one
then extract to new one

change wp-config.php info ( if needed.)
then from old control panel
enter the zone record
change the domain IN A new.ip.server



all is moved to new server without downtime
let it run about 24 hours
then you can change the Domain NS to your cyberpanel

Local - Local WordPress development made simple (

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just my tips

provide 1 domain eg. mysite.any
if you have client

you can add clientdomain.tld
and add cname clientdomain.mysite.any insite the clientdomain.tld
then edit the wpconfig change the URL info

after you done with edit
point to your server then
you just edit or remove URL syntax from wp-config
viooolaaaaa clientdomain.tld ready

use of Migrate WordPress Site using Migrate Guru complete guide - CyberHosting migrate guru also didnt give any down time


If is free I’ll start using it

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Thank you. never use it before, I’ll give it try.

it is free
many tutorial about it at youtube very easy to use

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I will check it out

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