How can I make a full backup of my CyberPanel and upload to another Server or Google Drive?


I found this tutorial, but it’s marked as Legacy.

How can I upload all the content on my server to Google Drive or another backup server?

I think the idea is to have a Snapshot outside the production infrastructure with the possibility to mount it faster on another server.

There is a tutorial on backing up to Amazon S3 but it hits an addons page instead on the confguration page. So I would say these videos are out of date since they are linking to paid addons.

I simply take a snapshot on my cloud hosting. Cost 20% of the hosting for peace of mind on all sites.

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Got it, I use OVH, and as far as I know the Snapshots are in the same physical datacenter, and they have a frightening history of fire that destroyed the strasbourg datacenter.

I would prefer something more personalized, AMAZON S3 would be nice too!

+1 for full cyberpanel backup, I can see many situations where it can be handy.


You could sign up for a free OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) account.
You can certainly back up Cyberpanel on the free tier plus a lot more. Cloud Free Tier | Oracle

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I’ll keep this thread open as there is still no solution for a full CyberPanel backup.

If anyone wants to suggest a safe way to take an Ubuntu Snapshot to Google Drive, S3 or Other server as @dns suggestion, it would be most welcome :smiley: