How can I get root access to MySql?

How can I get Root or admin access to MySql so I can edit user privilege and location allowance.

Also, why do we have to have user and database names like scott_scott instead of the normal single word?


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Your mysql root password is here /home/cyberpanel/.my.cnf you can use mysql console to alter a user’s privilleges.

I don’t have a file named .my.cnf in that location. Any other way I can find out? Thanks!

Run in ssh terminal

nano /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword || vi /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword

or cat can do

OK great. I found that password! But is the user root? admin? Neither are working, I assume because i am remote and the all access is set for localhost. That’s one thing I want to change.

I’m using other software to connect because phpmyadmin does not work on cyberpanel. Can you actually help with that also? When I try to go to phpmyadmin, I get:

"Not Found

The requested resource was not found on this server."


You chose remote mysql when you first setup cyberpanel ?

I actually may have said no to that not realizing that’s what it meant. But I should still be able to get to phpmyadmin without an error, right?

Does phpmyadmin need to be reinstalled?


If it needs to be installed or reinstalled, how would I do it so that it’s recognized by cyberpanel?

Yes. You can access phpmyadmin via https://SERVER_URL:8090/phpmyadmin/index.php or go to Databases → PHPMYAdmin

You can remove mariadb using these steps for centos/almalinux:

cat /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword

use this command but do not change

No, I can’t get to phpmyadmin that way as I was saying because it just says:

“Not Found
The requested resource was not found on this server.”

That’s why I was asking if I can reinstall mysql and how to do it so that it’s recognized by cyberpanel.


Run the commands

$ yum install unzip || apt install unzip
$ cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/
$ wget -cO - >
$ unzip