Hostinger VPS Premium Add-ons not working


This week I transferred my website from Vultr to Hostinger.

One of the reasons is the offer of having Premium Add-ons on Hostinger because of the Cyberpanel partner program.

However, this didn’t seem active when I created a VPS with Cyberpanel. I contacted Hostinger about this. They think it’s a Cyberpanel issue which I should ask here. So here I am :D.

How can I get the Premium Add-on working on the Hostinger VPS?

@usmannasir contact him.

Thank you for your response, how would I do that?

@bogodasr How can I contact him?

Hello @Lexvd

You dont need to contact any individual. Kindly contact support here

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Awesome thanks, unfortunately the premium add-on is not included with Hostinger, so the page is misleading. This will be fixed, in the meantime, if someone is wondering, this is your answer :D.

@Lexvd Please give your experience with Hostinger Cyberpanel VPS. I decide to move Vultr to Hosotinger Cyberpanel VPS. How about Hostinger customer care support?

My site speed test and overall experience is good.

I didn’t have any need to contact customer care because most things are related with cyberpanel, Wordpress or n8n. But for the questions that I had, they responded fast and accurate. I sometimes had the feeling they weren’t that technical, but they do everything they can to help you out.

If they don’t know the answer they point you to a blog, YouTube video or the place (like this forum) where you can get your answers.

Overall good price adequate support and fast speed at a insane price