Hosting multiple domains for email needs to be much simpler

In order to use cyberpanel for a complete hosting solution for a freelancer or very small business to create a shared hosting environment, the system needs 2 items to avoid headaches with customers that are not tech-savvy (Which is most of them):

  1. Allow the server to have more than one email domain if possible with the appropriate SSL certificates.
  2. Have the system automatically setup things for and

At this time, the system really only provides email for one domain at a time in a very clean way. Once a second domain is added, a program like Outlook will fuss about the security certificate. Yes, you can tell it to accept the certificate, but average people are not always happy with that and it becomes a customer headache. Likewise, Outlook sets up things automatically but it assumes the and Again, we can go around it, but that isn’t very good customer support.

I also agree with this idea, I just realized that my problem is totally similar to this problem, for the wordpress, instead I have to use another plugin like WP Mail SMTP.

It is indeed known CyberPanel is not really the best platform (yet) to work with multiple domains and email inboxes.

Unfortunately I had to refer to another platform to achieve what I want. Hopefully the developers or someone in their spare time could combat this issue and implement that.

Exactly this would make CyberPanel leading compared to other platforms!