Hosting a subdomain website on other server

OS version: Ubuntu Server 22.04

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3
Current Commit: 7e18b8688c61266566d7d401c845701888b08a32

Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 4
Latest Commit: 93bf01922d2f4a9cb52a375809f94e0ed293cc2a

Hello !
i want to create a subdomain hosted on a different server than the main domain (the one that is self-hosting Cyberpanel)
Going through de documentation , i have to create child domain. But when creating the child domain, it ask me to choose php version so that website will be created; my website has to be hosted in
the subdomain server (the one on which IP address i will point DNS). So my question is:
is it possible to create subdomain whithout creating website in cyberpanel?
How to make my subdomain website be hosted on the subdomain server instead of Cyberpanel server.

Duplicate of topic you created Create subdomain for another server

@josephgodwinke i don’t think it is a duplicate topic as the topic you are referring to as initial topic was about created a subdomain on other server than the server. Now this topic is related hosting a website. I don’t mean to create duplicate topic. By the way the questions i have asked are not been answered.

Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/websites/CreateNewDomain and create a domain there

Thank you for your reply;
This is what i have explained at the beginning: when you create a child domain this way, Cyberpanel forces you to select a subdomain website folder under the main domain folder and also select php version otherwise subdomain won’t be created; therefore the created domain will resides on the cyberpanel server and this is not what i want.
What i want is to just to be able to create a subdomain sub.domain.tld without having to create a website at the same time. And then point the sub.domain.url to a completely different website that resides in the second server on whitch IP the sub.domain.tld will point.
I hope i have more elaborate.

CyberPanel creating a folder or documentroot to be served by litespeed for your subdomain is completely normal and does not matter for your usecase. Just complete the process.

What you want is to point the subdomain to the new ip address using the cyberpanel’s dns manager https://SERVER_URL:8090/dns/addDeleteDNSRecords

Choose your domain under it look for A record of your subdomain and change value to the ip address of your other server.

Ok @josephgodwinke i will do so and revert