Horde, Roundcube and Squirrelmail

Any way to add Horde, Roundcube and Squirrelmail with CyberPanel?

IIRC Squirrelmail is dead, cPanel was generally supporting it as most their packages are in effect custom versions of upstream. It’s now removed as of v78+

Horde is not just email but groupware and likely be much more complex install and support.

Roundcube would be the easiest alternative to implement IMO.

RainLoop is pretty good, what are you possibly missing except CalDav + CardDav (RainLoop actually supports external CardDav import via URI and it’s own contacts database)

I am not able to provide support to the customer who was using POP3 and whated to download data from the server for space-saving and security. RainLoop having the only IMAP support so checking any possibility to have an alternative.

I love RoundCube.
Easy to use.
I would use it.

Let me know if you integrate with cyberpanel.

The only not support by Rainloop directly is import-export mailbox, but maybe with a little trip o work will be possible, creating one plugin or similar.

G8t. Let me know once done.

Agree with @Richard about squirrelmail.

We don’t actually use mail on cyberpanel at all, we use separate mail servers running a fork of Mail in a Box, which includes Roundcube as the default webmail client.

Roundcube is good, frequently updated and flexible. It does everything we want from it.

SoGo is also a nice alternative if you are looking for alternative webmail/groupware.

How would you go over creating your own mail server with CyberPanel (or using Roundcube) that will allow you to have contacts, calendars, and emails all in one place (and managed by any email client that allows it) CalDAV & CardDAV