High Ram usage

Hi, after installation Cyber Panel Ram usage is over 80%.

Ubuntu 22.04
Fresh install.

nano /etc/my.cnf - doesn’t exist ?

there’s no cryptominer… a lot mysql processes.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


What’s your server specs?

AMD Epyc 2core
2GB ram
Ubuntu 22.04

What applications did you install? It’s impossible that you will get an 80% RAM usage after installing cyberpanel.

Cyberpanel Enterprise (without bind and mail server)

  • bitninja (htop for first malware scan is 13,5% memory)…

Thats everything on server

Try restarting your server if it will cool RAM’s usage.

So finally I’ve reinstalled everything :slight_smile:
And found guilty- Bitninja

31% usage is for cyberpanel now :smiley: