High Memory Usage

Ever since I paid for Cyberpanel i’ve been getting high memory usage that I cannot resolve, i’ve followed the tuning guide in the forums and added the values, it hasnt changed anything.

My server is a VPS currently with 4GB RAM, Ubuntu 22.x and 60GB HDD. Its hosting 7 websites, 4 with Divi, 1 with elementor, and a couple with nothing, just place holders

How do I resolve this as it keep taking more and more memory leading to over memory alerts with my hosting provider.

Version info, although I upgrade it doesnt change the issue.

Current Version:
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Your screen shows that mariadb is using your resources and paid version do not add any extra stress or load on mariadbb

Yes, I can also see Mariadb is the issue, as mentioned i’ve used the recommended settings, no change, i’ve used the MySQL tuning tool, this issue still remains.

Its crashing my webserver, even after the tuning and I do not know why. I get an automated email saying the site is above memory usage, ie 114% of 4GB.

How do I accurately determine the issue and quickly resolve it ?

we have to install query monitr on your server and test what quires are taking resources.

ok, tell me what package to install or instructions to start this process.