Help ! WP Multisite with 404 Errors

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here.

Using CyberPanel for over a year.
Enjoying the ride but now I have a serious problem.

I have a wp multisite, with 20+ sites that are configured as Domains ( domain aliases and I’m using a mapping plugin )

All worked fine but -
Currently only the main domain/site works. The rest are giving error 404.

( It could be because I played with the DNS settings, tried to configure the default NameServers OR because I added too many sites, IDK).

I read here about the OpenLiteSpeed panel (port 7080), Virtual Hosts and Listeners (80+443).
Tried to configure them but still I get error 404.

Any ideas ?

OK funny thing ! seems a catch-all settings in the Listeners screen works !

Domains:, *

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