Help with Website unavailable

I was checking the website hosted on my CyberPanel and noticed one was returning 404 while other website is up and running. I login and discovered that I can’t find the website public folder in the file manager and the size of the website that was like 2GB is now over 6GB.

Please, what could have caused this?

  1. index
  2. permission
  3. htaccess
  4. url redirection
  5. cms
    and soon

domain name and screenshoot ?

have you try to do some troubleshoot ?
create new file test.html
insert with “sometext”
then save and close
open https://yourdomain.tld/test.html

I haven’t tried creating a test.html to check

have a plan to try it ? or not ?

I tried to use a backup I found on the backup folder and it restored the public_html but and created a test.html but still did not work.

I can create a login and share with you if you don’t mind

any screenshoot ?
your public html folder

this one

I just created the public_html folder, it keeps getting deleted. I guess it is an attack or what do you think?

this one must be solved first by developer then
@shoaibkk @usmannasir @die2mrw007

I’m looking at restoring from backup but if I don’t know what’s the cause, there will be no way to mitigate against it happening again.

First updtae your cyberpanel check the avalible space also check the run process reboot your server once and then restore

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