Hello everyone, I can not install cyberpanel

Incomplete details.

You can ask about whatever you want

It clearly says x86/64 server required. You maybe using ARM cpu server which isn’t supported.

lsphp do not suppoet ARM so thats why you can install

Why is it not supported

Because Litespeed lsphp doesnt have support for ARM architecture and cyberpanel is using litespeed/Openlitespeed stack and hence cyberpanel will not support it unless litespeed lsphp supports it.

You can contact litespeed regarding ARM architecture support.

OLS’s code is written in such a way it would work on a ARM processor. the installers provided though are compiled for non arm cpu architectures. but anyone that is willing to compile the source code for arm cpu’s, should be able to and run from there. Just keep in mind that every new udpate requires a manual way of updating. Beats the whole purpose of using easy-straightforward panels like CyberPanel.

CyberPanel could try to work their way arround by offering a ARM based installation and use a pre-compiled ARM package. But that would require CyberPanel dev’s to tinker around

arm :frowning:
try use x32/64

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