Health check fails for cyberpanel server behind aws load balancer

I am configuring the cyberpanel server behind an aws load balancer.

The load balancer creates an automated healthcheck to determine if the server is healthy or not and does not let the setup finish until it can see the server behind load balancer is healthy.

The healthcheck allows setting up the below details to check however the host it checks is always the IP address of the server (non-changeable)

protocal - http or https
host - server ip (non-changeable)
port - can be any
path - can be any

The issue I am facing is - since after installing cyberpanel when I browse http://:80/ it throws 404 and hence the healthcheck considers it to be unhealthy and returns 404 instead of 200 (healthy)

Is there a way I can configure cyberpanel so http://:80/ to return a 200 server response?