Having SSL Not Secured CyberPanel Path Issues:

Having SSL Not Secured CyberPanel Path Issues:

Domain Example Name: mydomainsite.com
Domain Example Server Name: server.mydomainsite.com

I made the Hostname SSL server.mydomainsite.com
and SSL on the mydomainsite.com via Let’s Encrypt SSL

Open via web browser mydomainsite.com or server.mydomainsite.com and SSL is secured

If I open these path in web browser they are all secured:

If I open these path in web browser they are all NOT secured:

Do I need to also create Hostname SSL of mydomainsite.com also?

Will setting up more than one Hostname SSLs screwup the cyberPanel setup or Let’s Encrypt SSL sites?

Also is there a way to make MyDomainSite.com is for sale | HugeDomains and other alias paths without using the port 8090 in the URL path name?

Thank you again for your time.

CyberPanel allows you to issue SSL for hostname only for one site.
You can issue only for maindomain or subdomain like in this you can only access 8090 at maindomain.com or server.maindomain.com

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You can issue hostname SSL only for one domain. You can not issue hostname for more than one domain. Hostname SSL will work only for that domain you issued hostname SSL. Like in your case you it will only work for the server.domain.com


Thank you that helps I’m learning and appreciate the help.

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