[Guide] Local CyberPanel on Windows


I created a detailed blog post on how to run CyberPanel on Windows locally.

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I just started using WSL2 + Ubuntu and it is FAR better than any other tool for local development. I assume that it would be considerably better than Virtual Box.

All you have to do now is run wsl --install from an Administrator Powershell CLI and it should all set up for you, with Ubuntu 20.04.

The only problem is that systemd doesn’t seem to be possible (or at least not without a lot of work) in WSL2. So, you can’t really use CyberPanel with it. But I am using DevilBox instead, which is a fantastic Docker-based webserver environment. I still use CyberPanel on my VPS server though.

Check it out!

Interesting approach, alternatives should definitely be known. My blogs are just parts of creating the perfect Visual Studio C# ASP.Net - MSSQL/MySQL development environment on Linux in my case CentOS. But any part of the blog posts can be replaced with other software for the same goal. For PHP developers it’s much easier to setup a good local development environment for C# developers using Linux production its a bit more complex. I create those blog posts so I can remember later how I did it :smiley: Sharing them online to make life easier for others too. Next blog post will be about using databases.

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