Greek (or utf-8 ?) characters bug in file manager

Hi, I think Cyberpanel has a bug in file manager. When I try to change or add some text in Greek language, as example in header.php or functions.php (I’m talking about WordPress here), I save the file and if I reload the page, many characters are missing and the words are misspelled.

I’m using the latest version of Cyberpanel, so it’s still not fixed.

Any idea?

Can you please share any example as well we will check this

First I want to mention that is not a WordPress issue only, it’s happening in Opencart too and I think it’s the same for others too.

To re-produce it add any *.php file in public_html and add any greek text there. As example,

" Ο Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης γεννήθηκε στις 29 Απριλίου 1863 στην Αλεξάνδρεια, όπου οι γονείς του εγκαταστάθηκαν εγκαταλείποντας την Κωνσταντινούπολη"

Save the file and if you open it again, you will see that some characters are missing from the same text you copied earlier.

I need to translate many things in language *.php files so I think that a fix will help many people.

As a workaround, until they fix it, edit your files without the file manager, for example using WinSCP.