Great new payable add-ons, but

After updating to the latest Cyberpanel version, I noticed a few new navigation points. e.g. “Wordpress”. If you click on a sub-item you will be directed to a website where you can buy monthly add-ons for Cyberpanel.
Actually a good idea.

I only have one suggestion/please: Can’t the navigation points in Cyberpanel be hidden until you have bought the add-on?

As it is at the moment, several navigation points are displayed that have no function and only confuse. The usability decreases so much.

In addition, it is impractical that for each add-on a new navigation point appears in the cyberpanel - quasi as an advertising banner “buy me”. If I think of Wordpress and they would make it so that every add-on from the store would get a navigation point regardless of whether you have it installed or not, the Wordpress menu would be several miles long.

Please think about it.