Google Drive Backup

As I found in the docs, there used to be a problem:

Troubleshooting redirection from platform to cloud
We have recently shifted the support URL from to If you are being redirected and unable to setup, please upgrade Cyberpanel and try again

However, this was not fixed for me after an the upgrade :expressionless:

Can you please assist me


The support ticket system is not working. I am having problems setting up my Google Drive backup

can we please get a response on this?

Hello, same issue here even after upgrading.
Thanks for your support.

@Chris @Senator
FYI… I use the following command now /with the combination of cronjob):

cyberpanel createBackup --domainName

The backups will be created in the default location:

From there I upload the backups manually to google drive.
I can recommand this guide:

MAYBE this issue will be fixed eventually from cyberpanel…


Hi, I notice an issue in the google drive autobackup interface. After deleting a website on cyberpanel, I’m not able to disable the related auto backup (google drive). Cyberpanel return the error : website matching query does not exist: Dropbox - screencast 2022-04-08 15-44-47.mp4 - Simplify your life

Anyone else have this issue?

When you remove a website you have to remove from backup. @max we are planing to add some more options in the drive backup in may be coming versions.

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yes i need to remove from backup before i delete the site otherwise i get the error but this it not logical to do so you should fix it instead

Unable to disable google auto backup for a deleted site - CyberPanel Project / Bug Report - CyberPanel Community
same topic…