Going to Nginx Welcome Page

Hello, I recently migrated from Cloudflare to quic.cloud.
I reissued the SSL Certificate and it worked.

However, the problem occurs when I access my webpage using ‘http’. Page goes to “Nginx Welcome Page!” instead of the website’s front page.

I’ve set “Rewrite Rules” on Cyberpanel and it’s not working. I’m not experienced with server issues. What’s the problem with my server?

when accessing 'https://mydomain.com" → goes to the front page.

when accessing 'http://mydomain.com" → goes to “Welcome to nginx!”

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Currently having the same on issue on one of my sites with no idea how it showed up or how to fix it.

How did you guys install CyberPanel? CyberPanel do not install NGINX, it seems that NGINX came by default in your OS. You need to remove NGINX package depending upon which OS you are on.

Hi @usmannasir, I used the Vultr marketplace (https://www.vultr.com/marketplace/apps/cyberpanel) to install Cyberpanel. The OS appears to be Ubuntu 20.04.

CyberPanel does not install NGINX at all, remove the NGINX package. Or use our official installation guide to install CyberPanel on fresh server.

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