Gmail POP Server Not Work with Cyberpanel

Please help i face this issue i am try all method but i not fixed this issue

snappy-mail cyber panel default mailbox working perfect sending and receive emails but the pop server etc not work with gmail.

Using Snappymail admin show us your domain configurations for IMAP, SMTP

If you do not know your snappymail admin password Snappymail admin panel - not able to log in - #2 by josephgodwinke

Maybe you did not understand me correctly. Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/snappymail/?admin and click on Domains run the IMAP and SMTP test . Post screenshot here

Now use those configs to setup on gmail

What should I use it for?

110 no ssl. Also try 143 it should also work with TLS

Use the mailserver domain no the mail subdomain of your specific domain e.g. if server has domain then the mailserver domain is usually Use that

I just told you not to use SSL. Please unchec SSL

This has nothing to do with cyberpanel. Your mailserver and email work perfectly. See issue below

	Cert Hostname DOES NOT VERIFY ( != | |
So email is encrypted but the host is not verified

Issue mailserver ssl certificate to

Currently its issued to

What do I need to do?


Issue new ssl to your mailserver domain


PTR record is wrong it should be mailserver domain -