Gmail is not getting email

After setup domain, all mails are bounce back from gmail.
Domian is verified by google postmaster.

Plaese guide me how can fix it.

Can you check your server ip is it clean?

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with this info then i can tell that you understand about NS Zone

now lets we try to solve this problem one by one

you sent from mail client or from rainloop ?
if not from rainloop…
try use rainloop

if you already use rainloop
only gmail or yahoo or other destination have same problem too ?

if not… then your mail server have no problem, we will try solved this later
if yes…
check your ip blacklist from MXTOOLBOX

if already blacklisted then… that might be the problem…
if you have clear and clean ip…

see the bounce msg… or you can copy it here ?

Thanks for guide. Via any client software like rainloop, outlook , php SMTP mail method, All emails even a simple test msg is going to now SPAM folder.

When we check blacklist of domain at mxtoolbox website, following showing:

LISTED UCEPROTECTL3 TTL 2100 Response time 2

When I asked with server provider, he says following story:


UCEPROTECT recently changed their listing policy and this caused IP addresses from our network to be listed in their so-called “Level 3” blacklist. We started analyzing the background of this listing immediately upon notice and implemented measures to solve the cases causing this listing right away.

As we do not have any influence on the delisting process as such it is not possible for us to give you an estimated time for the delisting at UCEPROTECT. Therefore, we also investigated the consequences of a Level 3 blacklisting at UCEPROTECT ourselves:

Big mail providers (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) are not using the UCEPROTECT filters at all and e-mails to those providers are therefore not affected by this listing.

Even smaller mail servers using the UCEPROTECT filters will most likely not include the Level 3 rules since UCEPROTECT themselves consider the Level 3 filter as too strict.

While we are still working on a final solution regarding the UCEPROTECT listing, the blacklisting as such should not have any impact on regular mail delivery from your server. Even though mail servers with a too strict filter setup may be affected, the current listing can be considered uncritical for general mail delivery.


Please guide me actual fact with my advance thanks regards.