Ghost cyberpanel

how would you install in litespeed? or the cyberpanel?

via docker image and container management. The most obvious way.

Here is the link to the docker image:

And then you can reverse proxy traffic to your docker container Reverse Proxy Traffic to Docker Container on CyberPanel - CyberPanel

hey, after installing ghost, i am not able make any changes to the site, it is trigerring WAF, is there any other config that im missing?
i found this in the log:
COMODO WAF: Request content type is not allowed by policy. Please update file userdata_wl_content_type.

@anoop did you manage to get ghost working with docker?

@CyberPanel Recently we tried to set up a GHOST blog in a subdirectory through cyber panel but encountered lots of issues.

Our main website is running on in cyber panel. Currently we want to run our ghost blog from one of the subfolder of the website eg: <>
My question is, can we run ghost blog from a subdirectory of the website? if yes then kindly point us out to some article sources.

I inatall ghost by Docker But I m not able To access my domain were installed ghost