Getting started with CloudLinux

Hello, I have installed successfully the CyberPanel ami from aws, However, there is not path to upgrade to CloudLinux

Same with WHMCS.

I have now deployed the CloudLinux Minimal install, but cannot find instructions on how to do an install to either, I paid WHMCS for an install , but they told me before they start, I have to provide the following:

Dear Louis Sanchez (san fam holdings),

Thank you for the purchase of the installation service. Your action is required to start the service, please read this email in full and click the button beneath to complete the questionnaire.

Check Your Server Configuration

WHMCS requires the following in order to run:

  • PHP Version 5.6.0 - 7.2.x

  • MySQL Version 5.2.0 - 5.5.x

  • PDO Database Extension

  • Curl Support (with SSL support)

  • GD2 Image Library

  • MBString

  • JSON Support

  • Ioncube Loaders 10.1.0 or later

Full System Requirements: System Requirements - WHMCS Documentation

Please verify that the above requirements are met on your server prior to submitting your login details.

Do you have wizards or a step by step so I can get things running?

WHMCS should install perfectly without issues in Cyberpanel setup.

For cloudlinux to work, you must have CentOS or RHEL based OS as cloudlinux is made for RHEL based only.

AWS AMI cyberpanel image is using Ubuntu OS which cannot be used for Cloudlinux.

Create a fresh AWS instance with Centos8 or Almalinux 8.5 and then login to SSH and install cyberpanel. After that you can install Cloudlinux successfully.

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I have set up both an AlmaLinux and a CloudLinux instance on aws. My problem is how do I install:

CyberPanel with LightSpeed (not open but enterprise) and


I am total stuck, Sorry I am from the windows world and I do not know the linux command structure. Seems easy, but I do not know what they are.

Louis Sanchez

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You will need to login to server using SSH softwares like putty, mobaxterm, etc for windows.

After connecting successfully to your server as root

Copy paste this following command to install cyberpanel

sh <(curl || wget -O -

More generally, you can browse the Cyberpanel documentation to find answers to many of these questions.

Here is one for how to install cyberpanel.

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