Generating the SSH Keypair for

I have an account with to back up my large site, which is about 400 GB of videos and photos. Ideally, I want to create an incremental backup destination through SFTP.

I am unsure how to create an SSH key for through the command line on Ubuntu without causing issues with CyberPanel SSH keys. The directions on is to generate keys in the default SSH directory ~/.ssh or in my home directories .ssh.

My understanding is that CyberPanel keeps SSH keys in the /root/.ssh directory.

Here are the directions from Cloud Storage for Offsite Backups

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Happy New Year @Senator

I do not understand your concern. There is no special way of generating ssh keys.

This ~/.ssh is same as /root/.ssh

Just use the command line as instructed in the rsync website. I hope I answered your question.