Generating public/private rsa key pair.

Unfortunately I have applied the explanation on the link below on the same server How can I fix the problem?


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I think it caused some loss of features ! what do you think?

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I am not sure what exactly are you trying to do. But these keys are supposed to be generated on your local server and then pushed on to CyberPanel.

I understand that but I did it on the same server on which cyberpanel is installed Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This means I allowed to overwrite the key that was created when installing cyberpanel How to recover the default key ?

I have tried to create an FTP account
Cannot create FTP account. Error message: (1062, “Duplicate entry ‘admin_123’ for key ‘User’”)

Do you understand what I mean?


I don’t think you should talk about different subjects in the same subject. On the other hand, ideally you should try to explain yourself better.

About ftp, try changing your name

Ok, how do you think the problem can be resolved?
Or it is not a problem if the default cyberpanel key is changed

I don’t think the FTP problem is related to the ssh keypair being regenerated on the cyberpanel server. Which FTP account username did you try to use? it sounds like there already exists an FTP user with that name. Adjusting the username used when creating to something else to test would be the best thing to try.

The ssh keypair being changed should not be an issue. Any remote servers that the cyberpanel server connects to should just have the new key added to their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the same manner as how you would do it locally but from the cyberpanel server.

ssh -i ~/.ssh/ root@