Full Setup Guide on Installing WordPress Website on CyberPanel with DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting, Domain Name, Cloudflare CDN, Free SSL & Email for $5 Month

Hey guys,

I struggled initially to setup my own website using CyberPanel so I thought I’d make a video guide on how to fully set it up on Youtube to help others out.

Heres the link - Install WordPress Website on CyberPanel (Domain + SSL + Email + CDN) with DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting - YouTube

I’ve composed it from reading the Docs and support here and doing my own research. Sorry if its the wrong place to post but I hope it will help someone out.


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Thank you so much for creating the video and sharing it here.

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he joe, can you also get this setup for us by any chance?

let me know what exactly you would like and i’ll see if i can