FTP over TLS Certificate Trust

Can someone please explain the significance of the information I get when trying to establish a FTPS connection, and how I can correct the problem?
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, I am looking forward to receiving a reply from this community.

Meanwhile a response from Cyberduck support reads “… reach out to your server admin to change the certificate. It looks like your server is set up with an incorrect server certificate.”

+1 same issue

Have you tried issuing SSL for the domain or FTP domain path?

Yes but the FTP TLS certificate is always www.example.com. Same issue on a fresh vanilla Vultr CyberPanel image.

Can you PM me the domain in question?

if you want to use sftp from on port 22 please create and ssh account from the website manage and use that

FTP over TLS is different to SFTP

As checked, your domain has incomplete DNS setup. You need to specify glue record in domain registrar. An A record for Nameservers too are required.

Hello! was this problem solved after die2mrw007’s last suggestion?

No, in the end we couldn’t get this to work and had to revert to using insecure FTP when old clients can’t cope with SFTP/SSH.

Hey! Nice to see this topic hasn’t been forgotten (although I confess to not remembering much about it). @harryf can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘old clients’?
Thanks, Ian

Having the same problem, and I have not found a solution yet.

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So to reiterate the issue:—

FTP over TLS (not SFTP)

Invalid certificate is offered/issued by CyberPanel — it’s www.example.com instead of something bespoke to the connecting host like www.mydomain.com

Old FTP clients like FTP over TLS. More modern ones use SFTP (which works fine).

If you can’t workaround to find a new client that offers SFTP, then you are stuck.

In my case, we had to use INSECURE FTP, as our corporate FTP client wouldn’t accept SFTP. This wasn’t great.

Can you give an example of an old ftp cliente? Just for curiosity as i don’t know.

Because for example FileZilla, that’s probably the easiest and best option for file transfers supports SFTP.

I would like to know those older ftp clients just to add to my knowledge, thank you.

For example i use FileZilla SFTP with a ssh key for alot of file transfer and i use winscp for file editing/browing.

I can’t but hopefully others who have experienced this issue can.

SFTP is not relevant to this thread because the bug does not affect that protocol.

I can’t immediately identify the FTP client on macOS that is used in the original screenshot.

However, the macOS FTP client called “transmit“, I believe, allows FTP over TLS.

So someone may be able to reproduce the issue with that client. However, I can’t because I don’t use FTP on any of my sites at the moment and this issue no longer affects us.