FTP for sub-domains?

So, I create a website for example.com so the location is /home/example.com/

Then I create a subdomain for that website, let’s say app.example.com. The location should be in /home/example.com/app.example.com/

Now, here comes the problem…

When I want to create FTP for that subdomain:

  1. There are no options for that. The list only contains example.com.

  2. Let’s say I choose example.com and create an FTP, the path I choose /home/example.com/app.example.com/
    will still give an error since it’s created in /home/example.com/public_html/home/example.com/app.example.com

So, how can I create FTP for subdomain? Help please…

you’re entering a wrong path I think

asuming that yourdomain.com if the root domain, sub.yourdomain.com is the subdomain and sub.yourdomain.com is a child domain of yourdomain.com

for a root domain the default FTP home directory will be

/home/yourdomain.com so you don’t need to specify that… assuming that thethe subdomain is placed under /home/yourdomain.com/public_html/sub.youdomain.com

so if you need to create an FTP account for sub.youdomain.com so please select the root site yourdomain.com and enter the path as

this will create an FTP account for the subdomain.

Yes, for default is /home/yourdomain.com.

The default location when creating the subdomain is in /home/yourdomain.com/sub.yourdomain.com and that’s where I put my subdomain location.

However, when creating FTP and your input the path sub.yourdomain.com, the path created is automatically in /home/yourdomain.com/public_html/sub.yourdomain.com. Not in /home/yourdomain.com/sub.yourdomain.com

That’s where it’s inconsistent… I can’t get the path to /home/yourdomain/sub.yourdomain.com…

The same thing happens to me. Users created for subdomains connect and display an empty folder, even though the relative path indicated when creating the FTP account was correct.

Hi … any solutions for this ?