FTP Backup Feature

CyberPanel should have FTP backup feature since SCP backup need server and investing on another server only for backup use is not logical and not everyone can buy it.

FTP backup is easily available and cost effective for small VPS owners.

Features like -

Copy to remove location via FTP and delete from local server if backup is older than X days.

i’m looking for the same features

I agree.
in my opinion, FTP backup is much better and easier to use than Gdrive and sftp(that requiers a VPS)

i agree too
please add this feature

I dont think any panel or administration software provides FTP backup option as its not safe + reliable (very slow and hence will give errors)

cPanel and Direct Admin has this feature.
ftp backup is very useful for small business

I was using Direct Admin but couldn’t find such feature though.

Anyhow, SFTP is already available and SFTP is more secure and SFTP works with majority providers without issue.