Fix Permissions button not entirely working

The file manager fix permissions doesn’t really work entirely; if root user created / uploaded directory via SSH, the files show up in file manager and then for example if you edit a file, make some changes, press SAVE, it says ‘successfully saved’ but no changes were made to the file. If you do ls -l in the directory you see that the owner is not the cyber panel web server user so it only works correctly after manually switching the file owner to the cyber panel user using chmod.
Please correct the “Fix Permissions” button so it actually changes ownership to the cyber panel user in order for it to work properly.

I’m facing a situation where for a specific site the uploads dont work, I cant create files or make any change. This would use to be fixed by pressing “Fix Permissions” button. Didn’t work this time. So definetly something is wrong

hey team.

facing an same error like when i create a user and login with the user account in cyber panel and try to use fix permission only a red box will apper still not understading why the user are not able to usee fix permission tab. Somehow this button will work for root user.