Firewalld does not allow me log into my server using ssh

Hi there,
I have installed CyberPanel and enabled Firewalld.
Then I rebooted the VPS and now CyberPanel web panel is not loading because of Firewalld and SSH is also unavailable due to Firewalld. But I have access to the File Manager of the VPS provider. So, I have access to the file system.

How can I solve the firewalld issues? So that in the future it never happens.

SSH Error: connect to host port 2354: No route to host.

After every reboot, I get locked out of my VPS. If I try to access it over SSH, the system says, “Error: connect to host port 2354: No route to host.”

Please advice.

Hello @engrrajonahmed

Use vnc to open ssh port first then use ssh to disable firewalld and setup open ports first before enabling it back to use

Hi @josephgodwinke ,
Ports are already open.

vnc will alow access use it to disable firewalld

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Thank you bro!

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