Firewall question

Hello, someone takes a doubt…

I’m using GCP (Google Cloud), the console/api itself already provides the firewall within the vm layer, this is enough, correct?

I disabled the cyberpanel firewall and I’m managing everything by GCP itself, do you have a problem with this?

I believe not, but I’m not sure about the cyberpanel if this can leave a vulnerability.

CSF on cyberpanel have lots of useful security features that you might want to have.

yes, but have you tried this in gcp? There are a lot of conflicts every time you make any changes.

I’m right now breaking my head with this, the gcp has a number of rules and policies that overlap the cyberpanel. :confused:

Never used GCP but you should take look CSF security stuff like port scan blocking, Login failure blocking etc… What are quite good functions to secure your server.

This is true, but it’s really conflicting with gcp, I’ll check the options I have and maybe use api integration. I’m migrating my structure to google cloud by being more robust and possibility of upgrade almost infinite. :slight_smile:

What I have done on my servers I use CSF and also open only needed ports from VPS provider firewall.

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