Firewall page not found


When i click firewall option in cp, it redirects to not found page error. Redirects correctly :8090/configservercsf/ but the page says request was not found on this server error.

OS : Centos 7
CP Current Version:
Current Commit:

Hello @iamstevenelson

Confirm you have csf installed

csf -l
# OR
cd /etc/csf/

Make sure everything is running

systemctl start csf
systemctl start lfd
systemctl enable csf
systemctl enable lfd

You should also confim you are not in testing mode

cd /etc/csf/ && vim csf.conf

Change "TESTING " to “0” i.e


Yes checked all. Csf installed and running. Testing mode is zero only but still the page shows not found. FYI, security > csf page works as usual where we can turn on firewall and enter ports. Only firewall page is not opening.

Run upgrade script once

Yep upgrade fixes the issue. Thanks. Btw, why ram usage increased by 20% now. earlier it is 15 to 20% constant but now ram shows above 39 to 40 constantly. i checked processes, only litespeed and lscpd running as top processes.

csf has a tendency of consuming resources however 20% is not a significant change.

However in future you can (not a must) change config values as below

CT_LIMIT = "0"
PT_LIMIT = "0"

Thank you Joseph. Restarted the whole server fixes the ram issue. Now all came to normal.