File Upload Issue

I have a huge Media rich website (3GB in size) that I want to migrate to my new server with Cyber panel. I tried to upload it through the file manager but it says “can not be uploaded, Error message:”

What should I do?

1 - Upload using filezilla
2 - When upload finishes, go file manager, click “Fix Permissions” button

@tmoore File Zilla is very slow, to be honest.

I tried the same with the Command line but I can’t access the directories inside the /home directory.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the reply though.

Compress it into a single zip file, upload the zip file by FileZilla, fix permissions, extract using file manager.

That way as it’s a single file, you are only limited by your upload speed and not by FileZilla sending it file-by-file.

Edit: If you can’t access it using command line, just go into root with sudo

P.S: Filezilla being slow means you have the 2 default connections and not the 10

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@tmoore In that case, I better look into it.

Thanks a ton!

FileZilla → Edit → Configurations → Transfers
Change connections from 2 to 10.

But, compressing it all into a big zip file, uploading and fixing permissions should do it

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