File manager page failed to load

I am new to CyberPanel, I just create a website and found that cannot load the file manager properly. it looks like in the screenshot, all links are not working. Does anyone know why cause this and how to solve it?

Can you do a hard refresh or try from private window?

It is possible that angularjs library is not loading in your location.

Thank you for your advice. I try the below method but all not helping.

  • hard refresh
  • private window (Firefox) and other browsers like Chrome and Edge.
  • 3 different computers.
  • 2 different network connections.

I try to use the Firefox web developer tools to check and found that 5 error messages, are these some thing that cause the issue?

I click on the learn more link which brings me to this page - Reason: CORS request did not succeed - HTTP | MDN

Is this related to SSL?

Are you able to open that MAXCDN url in your browser?

I try to click the link -

It cannot be loaded and show The connection has timed out (An error occurred during a connection to )

So you need to fix that issue on your end. This URL is opening fine on my side.