File Manager: File Paths Containing an "&" In A Folder Name Are Truncated And Inaccessible

In File Manager, I just attempted to access files in my NextCloud data folder and they are not accessible. The problem is paths containing an “&” character with the current implementation. For example, with a directory like this (changed for data security): “home/ & Drinks”
…the file manager shows the files under the parent directory “Files.”

However, as explained, it truncates any paths with an “&” in it. So, continuing with this example, “Food & Drinks”'s name and path is shown as only:

Unfortunately, it is not only a character display limitation. It affects the directory access as well. If I try clicking on the directory to access it, I am directed to that directory (with the incorrected truncated name “Food”) and its contents there are shown as empty.

On the other hand, via SSH, I can clearly access and view this directory and all its children files and directories without issue. Please fix this problem.

Can you try to force upgrade a similar issue was reported a few days ago and we released the patch.

Still not working after clearing my browser cache.

I ran the upgrade a second time and then it worked. I can finally get to my files. Thank you!


There are still some bugs with it. For one, when I click into the folder where the “&” is contained, I get the message “Data supplied is not accepted.”. Also, if I hit the back button, I get the message “Not allowed to browse this path, going back home!” and I am returned to that site’s home directory.

Not allowed to browse this path, going back home! You must be going beyond the document root, which is not allowed.

No. It occurs when I navigate back to the parent folder containing the folder with the “&” in its name. This parent folder is several levels down under the site root. In other words, traversing out of the “&” folder results in an error.

I will try to reproduce and fix this issue.

I pushed a patch, you can upgrade.

Thanks! All fixed! :slight_smile: